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                      Business Overview
                      Located to the east of the Capital Airport and by the Chaobai river. Beijing Shuyi Hospital has the convenience of easy transportation and the beauty of a nice environment. As the greatest hospital of Shunyi District of Beijing, our hospital, which has been certificated to the first class of the second rank, is a comprehensive institution of medication, education and scientific research. Led by our mainstay-----a group of experienced experts with abundant theoretical based and adroit practical skills, our hospital based and adroit practical skill, our hospital serves directly for the 560,000 local residents and 200,000 people from other places. Our annual number of outpatients is over 500,000 and annual number of cured inpatients is over 20,000.The total area of the hospital is about 42,000㎡ and the area of the buildings is 42,000㎡.There are 653 hospital beds and 1064 employees now. And among all the staff, there are 83 advanced technology employees,367 intermediate technology employees,262 employees beyond the undergraduate, and 410 persons graduated from junior college. The hospital is made up of 52 departments including the clinic departments, the medical technology sections, the administration offices, and the logistics, ect. The clinic departments have established some second-grade medical sorting system, such us the Countrywide Cockeye-amblyopia sub-center, Ma Jinming Ophthalmology Department Center, and Obstetrics-gynecology Department Center. The hospital takes on the task of medical and nursing teaching for Beijing Medicine College. Some of them have achieved advanced level in civil.In order to improve the medical treatment level, the hospital has purchased over 100 types of senior imported medical equipments, And each of them is worth more than 100 thousand RMB, including SPCT, polyfunctional colorful B-ultrasonic, DSA, automatic X-ray machine, make stomach and intestines shadow machine, automatic analyzing immunity instrument, automatic instrument for analyzing biology and chemistry, electronic stomach lens, machine for dialysing blood. ophthalmology A/B-ultrasonic, vitreous body incising machine and instrument used to make fluorescence shadow. The purchase and application of these advance medical equipments has mostly improved the clinic diagnosis and treatment level, and promoted the development of the hospital.The cardiology department has sussccessfully developed the intervention and treatment skills such as the heart pacemaker , the coronary artery radiography and the bracket placement. The Emergency Ward has established a web-control system linked with each community medical center , so as to receive and save the patients of severe condition in time .In recent year ,our hospital has been holding to the guideline of everything for the paitents and the principal of patients in the first place ,quality is vital in our service ,persisting in the policy of our survival lies in the patients satisfaction ,our development depends on the quality of our treatment in our quality control ,and sticking to the idea of modernization ,science ,standardization ,and humanization. Leading the modernized managed idea of hospital . And have been taken complete accounting of cost . Takes the science and technology as driving force, and takes the quality as existence, and takes the marketplace as the direction, takes the branch of learning construct and the talented the person to foster core contest force. Successively dispatch out middle level and backbone to Germany., Australia, Singapore and Hongkong to study contemporary hospital administration information. With the all the efforts, our hospital has made great progress, especially in the field of professional training and medical treatment.In 1994, Hospital had been nominated by the WTO as ‘Baby-loved Hospital’; in 2003, our hospital had been awarded ‘well-developed collective of the recovered work for the National wide disabled person’ by the Health Ministry, the civil administration ministry and China Disabled person Union;2003, our hospital successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 quality control system of TUV the German company.Headed by Liu Feng, Director of Beijing Shunyi Hospital,we are dedicated to the course management system reform, medical innovation, and modernization. With our tradition spirit of ‘honesty, love, industriousness, and precision’, we are reaching out for the goal of ‘international first-class medical treatment , first-class management, and first-class service’.