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                        China Living Tips
                        Transportation in Shanghai

                        Shanghai transportation

                        Whether you’re navigating the streets of Pudong and Puxi or trying to take a weekend trip to 

                        the neighboring suburbs, there are countless ways to get around Shanghai. Join the crowds, or avoid them, with this guide on getting around the city.

                        Public Transportation
                        Bicycles and Motorbikes
                        Car Service
                        High Speed Railway
                        Public Transportation
                        One look at the swirling colorful lines of the Shanghai Metro System map might scare you away. Embrace it, because Shanghai’s expansive public transit system is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get around the city. It won’t take long to learn its inner workings.
                        Family Entertainment in Shanghai
                        Shopping & Leisure

                        Shanghai if loaded with activities and places for the whole family. 

                        Check out our list of outdoor activities and things to see and do for the whole family!

                        Theme Parks
                        Art Museums and Districts
                        Bowling Alleys
                        Laser tag
                        Movie Theaters
                        Kids/ Family Activities
                        Family Healthcare in Shanghai

                        Healthcare in ShanghaiShanghai has one of the better healthcare facilities in China compared to second and third tier cities, however, there aren't as many western medical establishments as local Chinese hospitals but keep in mind that new and improved services are rising rapidly. A great benefit for most expats is their major international insurances are accepted by many health care providers and in the case that they do not have one it is also available for purchase through a number of reputable brokers. Under any circumstance, foreigners can still go to a local facility for any medical concerns which usually is inexpensive and paid out of pocket. Another thing that expats should keep in mind is to bring any western medications that they need because most of the time those medications aren’t available locally. Also in the event of a medical emergency it is best to utilize the fastest transport available due to the fact that ambulance times are slow because Shanghai traffic doesn’t yield to these vehicles. 

                        Chinese Etiquette Tips: Tips to Understanding Chinese Traditions and Chinese Culture
                        Communication & Others

                        Learning proper Chinese etiquette takes time and practice. The most important thing to remember is to smile, be sincere, and open-minded. The ability to go with the flow and be patient is essential. The following are some Chinese traditions and etiquette tips.

                        Tips for Making a Great First Impression:
                        It is becoming more and more popular to shake hands upon meeting, but oftentimes, a simple nod is how Chinese will greet each other. When a handshake is given, it may be firm or weak but don’t read into the firmness of the handshake as it’s not a sign of confidence like in the West but a simple formality. Avoid hugging or kissing during greetings and farewells.

                        Eating in Chinese Restaurants
                        Shopping & Leisure

                        Chinese Restaurant

                        The atmosphere in Chinese restaurants is known as "renao". It means "hot and noisy" and that is just the way that the Chinese like it! When the Chinese eat out, they like to have fun - the idea of expensive wine and candlelight dinners is definitely not their style.

                        There are a few do's and don'ts to remember when you are dining with some Chinese friends. The most important thing to remember is to allow others to pour your drinks, and at the same time, keep your eye on their drinks to make sure they stay topped up. If you help yourself, it is a sign that the hosts or friends are not taking good care of you.
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