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              Sword of King Goujian of Yue
              Learn Chinese - History and Culture

              Sword of King Goujian of YueSword of King Goujian of Yue (yuè wáng gōu jiàn jiàn 越王勾踐劍) is a delicately made bronze sword, which is awarded as "the best sword in the world". It is 55.6 cm in total length, 45.6 cm in length of the sword body and 4.6 cm in width. It was discovered in 1965 in Jiangling (jiāng ling 江陵), Hubei Province (hú běi shěng 湖北省). Though buried for more than 2000 years, the sword shows no rust at all. It could lacerate more than twenty pieces of paper in one time. It is decorated with veiled rhombus patterns. The hilt of the sword is wrapped with silk thread, and embedded on one side with a blue glaze and on the other a turquoise glaze. There are eight Chinese characters on the sword “越王鳩潛,自乍用劍" (yuè wáng jiū qián, zìzhà yòng jiàn), which means that this sword is belong to King Goujian of Yue.?

              The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qinshihuang Mausoleum
              Learn Chinese - History and Culture


              The Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qinshihuang Mausoleum (qín shǐ huáng líng bīng mǎ yǒng 秦始皇陵兵馬俑), which is regarded as the eighth wonder of the world, is five kilometers east of Lintong County (lín tóng 臨潼), 35 kilometers from Xi'an City (xī ān 西安) in Shaanxi Province (shān xī 山西). Qin Shi Huang (qín shǐ huáng 秦始皇) (259 BC - 210 BC), the first emperor of China, ascended the throne at the age of 13, when construction of his tomb began. On completion of his many conquests, he ordered 720,000 conscript laborers to hurry up on building his royal tomb. It was finished just-in-time in 210 BC for his use. His son, the second Qin Emperor, saw Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses near the mausoleum to his entombment.

              Jade Burial Suit
              Learn Chinese - History and Culture


              Also known as "jade casket" or "jade case", a jade burial suit (jīn lǚ yù yī 金縷玉衣) is a ceremonial suit made of pieces of jade in which only some nobles and emperors of the Han Dynasty (hàn cháo 漢朝) (202BC—9AD, 25AD—220AD) were buried. It was a top class burial suit at that time. A total of 49 complete and partial jade burial suits were uncovered between 1954 and 1996.

              Chinese Cuisine
              Learn Chinese - History and Culture

              ????? Chinese Cuisine
              Different from the cuisine in western world, Chinese people cook food in various ways such as frying, boiling, steaming and stir frying. Chinese people put a high premium on the taste, color and smell of food. Chinese cuisine enjoys the same international reputation to that of France and Italy for its scent, taste and design.

              Daily Figurative Slangs (63)
              Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese


              Chinese Slangs

              Have a load on one's mind.

              【發音】bēng bāo fu

              ???????????? Carry a constant, worrisome burden in economy or mind.

              ???????????Don't let it weigh on your mind.

              ???????????He hoped to get rid of the burden.

              Fictions of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
              Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                 Chinese Fictions
              In the Ming (míng cháo 明朝)(1368-1644 AD) and Qing (qīng cháo 清朝)(1644-1911 AD) dynasties, Chinese literature entered a new epoch. The two dynasties witnessed great achievements in the creation of fiction. Representative works are the Four Great Classical Novels (sì dà míng zhù 四大名著): Romance of Three Kingdoms (sān guó yǎn yì 三國演義), Outlaws of the Marsh (shuǐ hǔ zhuàn 水滸傳), Journey to the West (xī yóu jì 西游記) and A Dream of Red Mansions (hóng lóu mèng 紅樓夢). Those works enjoy a high reputation throughout the world. What’s more, they have been adapted for the screen and the stage, winning the favor of global audience.

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