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                      Hengshan Mountain (South Mountain)
                      Travel in Hunan
                      There are five scared mountains in China, among which Hengshan Mountain(衡山) in Hunan is the most famous for its natural scenery. Hengshan Mountain is located in Hengyang, Hunan province. The mountain comprises 72 peaks, among which Zhurong Peak is the highest one with the elevation of 2017 miters. It runs 150 kilometers in extend, and possess the reputation of Buddhism and Taoist culture of China. Besides, Nanyue Grand temple is one of the representative temples on the mountain which covers an area of more than 9,800 square meters. The elaborate building, complete structures and systemically layout are hard to find in other ancient places in China.
                      Mount Emei
                      Travel in Sichuan

                         Mount Emei
                      Mount Emei
                      (é méi shān 峨眉山) is located in Leshan City (lè shān shì 樂山市) of Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). It is one of the four Buddhist holy mountains in China, as the other three are the Wutai Mountain (wǔ tái shān 五臺山) in Jiangxi Province (jiāng xī shěng 江西省), Mount Putuo (pǔ tuó shān 普陀山) in Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省) and Jiuhua Mountain (jiǔ huá shān 九華山) in Anhui Province (ān huī shěng 安徽省). Because the shape of the mountain is like the eyebrow of a beautiful girl, the mountain is called Emei. The rich Buddhist culture connotation and the unique natural scenery make the mountain enlisted in the world heritage by the UNESCO in 1996.

                      Travel in Yang zhou
                      Travel in Jiangsu
                      Yangzhou (Yángzhōu [揚州]), known as a city of gardens and alleys, is a destination that makes a trip to China unforgettable. Little known to most foreign travelers, Yangzhou is a proud retainer of ancient Chinese architecture, art, culture, traditional gardens and parks, cuisine, leisure, and commerce in a beautiful mixture of modernity with its rich 2,500 year history. The demolition sledgehammer has not made much headway here, leaving an increasingly harder to find view into the past. All in all, Yangzhou is the ideal place to experience unique aspects of Chinese culture, and is a relaxing break from other overly developed and commercialized urban centers in the region.
                      Travel in Shao Xing
                      Travel in Zhejiang

                      altLocated in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省), Shaoxing (shào xīng 紹興)?is an ancient city that possesses beautiful scenery. Known as the city of river, the city of bridge, the city of calligraphy, and the city of soul, Shaoxing attracts tourists from around the world.
                      The city’s network of rivers and bridges give Shaoxing another name - the Oriental Venice (dōng fāng wēi ní sī 東方威尼斯). Experience this one-of-a-kind Chinese town by taking a boat trip along the winding canals and rivers. The Orchid Pavilion is one of Shaoxing’s main attractions. Here is where the noted calligrapher Wang Xizhi?(wàn xī zhī 王羲之) grew up and later created his renowned style of calligraphy.

                      Guilin - Amazing Landscape
                      Travel in Guangxi
                      Taking a trip into the hully karst landscape of Guilin at sunset is one of the most breath-taking site in China. Guilin by the banks of the Li River in southern China is justifiably considered to be one of the most beautiful in China. Today, Guilin attracts innumerable tourists because of its unique landscape. Until the end of the 1970s, it was a quiet, sleepy area. Since then, Guilin and the settlements along the Li River have undergone an incredible development through tourism.
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