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                      Temple Fair in Beijing
                      Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                      temple fair

                      The temple fair (miào huì 廟會) is a kind of social activity in China. Legend has it that it originated in ancient times when people offered sacrifices to the village god, which later gradually evolved into a marketplace for people to exchange products and a place for cultural performance. Temple fair in old China had a unique status in ordinary people’s life. It is the time to worship gods, pray for the blessing. It is also a great time to have fun. All the traditional shows went on at the temple fairs, talk shows (xiàng sheng 相聲), banner shows (wǔ qí 舞旗), kongfu shows (wǔ shù 武術), lion shows (wǔ shī 舞獅), etc. It became a paradise for the kids. Fortunately this century old tradition is still preserved today.

                      Chinese Folk Vocal Art Forms
                      Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                      Quyi (qǔ yì 曲藝) refers to folk vocal art forms (mín jiān kǒu tóu yìshù 民間口頭藝術) such as ballad singing (mín gē 民歌), story-telling (píng shū 評書), comic dialogue (xiǎo pǐn 小品), clapper talk (kuài bǎn 快板) and crosstalk (xiàng sheng 相聲).

                      Chinese Cloth Shoes
                      Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                          Cloth Shoes
                      Chinese cloth shoes
                      (zhōng guó bù xié 中國布鞋) have a history of more than three thousand years. In Houma Shi (hóu mǎ shì 侯馬市), Shanxi Province (shān xī shěng 山西省), there discovered the unearthed warrior in West Zhou Dynasty (xī zhōu 西周) wore the cloth shoes, which is the earliest handicraft cloth shoes. The cloth shoes were mainly handmade before the People's Republic of China was proclaimed, such as embroidery shoes. Chinese people are very fond of them for they are handmade, soft, and comfortable and ventilate. After 1949, the Chinese cloth shoes reached its peak period. There were many cloth shoes factories in our country which produced lots of cloth shoes.

                      Chinese Sedan Chair
                      Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                      ???Sedan Chair
                      The sedan Chair (jiào zǐ 轎子) can be regarded as a special transportation vehicle in ancient China. It is lifted with shoulders and hands. Actually, it is a removable bed, desk chair or chaise lounge which is fixed on two poles with or without a tent.

                      Chinese Classical Music
                      Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                      Chinese classical music

                      The origins of Chinese music can be dated back to distant antiquity. Approximately 3000 years ago, European music was experiencing its first rustlings of life whereas a complete musical theory and sophisticated musical instruments began to appear in China, owing largely to the orthodox ritual music advocated by Confucius. Chinese music is the body of vocal and instrumental music composed and played by Chinese people. For several thousands of years Chinese Culture was dominated by the teachings of the philosopher Confucius, who conceived of music in the highest sense as a means of calming the passions and of dispelling unrest and lust, rather than as a form of amusement.

                      The Chinese Language & Mandarin & Dialects
                      Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                      ? ??Please Speak Mandarin
                      Chinese is a language family consisting of languages mutually unintelligible to varying degrees. Originally it is the indigenous languages spoken by the Han Chinese (hàn rén 漢人) in China, it forms one of the two branches of Sino-Tibetan family of languages. About one-fifth of the world’s population, or over one billion people, speak some form of Chinese as their native language. Besides Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao SAR, Taiwan Province and the mainland of China, there are people in Singapore, Malaysia and some other countries speak Chinese as their mother tone.

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