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              Useful Contact Ways
              Communication & Others

              Getting news
              TelephoneThere are some local English language news media in China. CCTV 9 is an English channel available in most cities. China Daily is an English newspaper available in upscale hotels and supermarkets catering to foreigners throughout China. There are also a few English magazines such as China Today.
              Hotels above mid-ranged or mid-ranged often have satellite TV in the room. Many hotels also sell newspapers from around the world and business-oriented publications like The Economist, albeit at very high prices. Some provide international newspapers free for reading in their coffee shops.
              However, there are a number of ways to get uncensored news in China.

              Tips on Cellphone
              Communication & Others

              ??? Cell Phone
              Cellular phones are very widespread and offer very good service. If you are staying more than a few weeks, it may be advisable to buy one. If you are travelling around, be sure to get a GSM phone and a SIM card so that your phone can work anywhere in China.

              Don't do Them When Using Chopsticks
              Communication & Others
              DON'T Placing Chopsticks Unevenly
              Chinese people regard it as inauspicious to place a pair of
              chopsticks unevenly on the table before, during or after a meal. They call it "son thong liang duan", or " three long and two short", which indicates death. According to traditional Chinese customs, dead
              bodies were placed in coffins in the past. In those days, coffins were
              made from two short boards at the front and back, and three long
              ones at the two sides and the bottom-hence the saying. Therefore, it is taboo to place one's chopsticks unevenly on the table.

              DON'T Pointing at Others with Chopsticks
              You should never perch your chopsticks between the thumb, middle, ring and little fingers, while sticking out your index finger, as it implies abuse. In most cases, Chinese people point at others with their index fingers to scold them. Therefore, such a movement is unacceptable. It is also considered bad manners to point at others,with your chopsticks, while chatting during a meal.
              What kind of phone card is available to foreign travellers?
              Communication & Others

              Phone CardIDD service is available at all hotels and post offices. It is very
              convenient to make phone calls in China now. Telephone booths can be seen everywhere, in hotels, restaurants and airports as well as on the street. Various phone cards are sold in China, available in post offices, inside hotels or at most street newsstands. IC and IP cards are recommended for convenience and low price.

              Most public telephones you see in China are IC telephones, which are for local, long distance call and IDD. Generally IC telephone cards are
              available in amount of CNY20.00, CNY30.00, CNY50.00 and CNY100.00.

              Can I use my mobile phone in China?
              Communication & Others

              Enjoy GSM networks provide coverage in every major city. GSM 1800 and 900 networks cover a few biggest cities. CDMA network run by China Unicom is improving its coverage; it has signed agreements with 13 other mobile operators from North America, South America and the Asia-Pacific region, with networks covering 60 per cent of global CDMA subscribers. So roaming with a dual band or tri band handset or use of COSMOTE card alike will make your phone work in China.

              How Could a Foreigner with Little or No Knowledge About Chinese Language Get Legal Aid If He/She Hap
              Communication & Others
              If you are an overseas visitor in Beijing and happen to have a query about Chinese laws, answers are now just one call away.

              According to sources with the Beijing Bureau of Justice, English-speakers should dial 1600148 and then follow the instruction for legal consultations provided in English.

              Follow-up legal services can also be arranged for foreigners if they find the consultation satisfactory.
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