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                      Travel Along the Sea (Dalian)
                      Travel in Liaoning

                      Dalian is located in the Northeast of China and it is the second largest city of Liaoning Province. Dalian started out as a small fishing village a little over 100 years ago. Now Dalian is bestowed with honors such as the "International Excellent Model of Environment Improvement", the "UN Human Habitat Award" and the "Global 500 Roll of Honor for Environment Achievement".
                      So unlike the heavily touristy areas in China (i.e. Beijing, Xi'an, and Hangzhou), that contain numerous palaces, temples and museums, and that emphasize their long history and rich culture, Dalian offers you a totally different experience.

                      How to get to Dalian

                      By air
                      Dalian International Airport is one of the largest airports in Northeast of China. Hangzhou currently attracts 130 airlines that offer flights to 15 International destinations, 84 Chinese cities and two regions. So you can reach Dalian from major cities in China.

                      Shuttle Bus

                      Dalian International Airport is about 10 km far from center of city. It only takes 10 minutes by taxi.
                      And of course, you can take buses in the airports and the followings are the details:
                      Shuttle bus:
                      It passes through Airport, Chunliu, Shahekou Railway Station, Xinggong Street, Wuyi Aquare, Minhang Massion, Shengli Square and Renmin Road. (機場->春柳->沙河口火車站->興工街->五一廣場->民航大廈->勝利廣場->人民路)
                      You can log on for details.

                      By train
                      Dalian is connected to nearly all of the major cities in China by train. And the railway station is in the center of city, so you can get to your destination by bus very conveniently.

                      Attractions in Dalian

                      Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park (大連老虎灘海洋公園)

                      Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park is located in the middle of southern seaside of Dalian and it has 4000-meter coastline. It is the largest ocean park in China. In the park you can enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery and also can visit various spots in the park such as Coral hall—the largest in Mainland; Pole Aquarium—the only one in Mainland; Bird-Singing Woods; Marine Mammal World and so on. What’s more, you can have some exciting experience through Dodgem Boat, Pirate Ships, Jurassic Exploration, Speed Gliding and 4D Cinemas; and some leisure experience through Pleasure Boat and Over-Water Tourist Boat.

                      Coral hall

                      Pole Aquarium

                      Bird-Singing Woods

                      Marine Mammal World


                      • Admissions Fee: RMB 190 (If you want to play the games, you have to pay extra fee.)
                      • Bus Route: Bus No.2, 4, 30, 403, 404
                      • Take another T-shirt or shirt, if you want to play the games in the Park.

                      Golden Pebble Beach (金石灘)

                      The Golden Pebble Beach is located in the east of Yellow Sea, and it covers the area of 120skm, and has a long beach line about 30km. it is famous for the magic, and wonderful beauty. So it is named as “the natural sculpture park”, “the stone forest in the sea” and “the natural geology museum”.
                      The Golden Peddle Beach consists of four tourist centers: Green Center which is famous for its Golf Club; Blue Center which is famous for its lido, Argentite Center which is its Hunting Club, Colorized Center which is famous for its beautiful flowers.

                      Green Center

                      Blue Center

                      Argent Center

                      Colorized Center


                      • Admission Fee: RMB 90 (If you want to attend some activities, you have to pay extra money.)
                      • Bus Route: Take the Light Rail and Get off at the Golden Pebble Beach Station.

                      Coastal Road (濱海路)

                      If you come to Dalian by plane, when your plane flies over the city, look down and you may find what looks like a dancing silk ribbon inlaid between the southern mountains and sea -- it’s the Binhai Road, otherwise known as the "Coastal Road". It offers a delightful sightseeing route and is one of the must see attractions of the town.
                      The road starts from Haizhiyun Square(海之韻廣場) at its east and ends at Heishijiao(黑石礁) at its west, the whole length extends 42.5 km. And there are 12 spots along the way. It is the best route for hiking and going for driving in town: on the mountain side grow thriving trees, flourishing flowers, and on the other the steep and rugged cliffs quicken one’s health and a vast expanse of calm, blue, or misty, rolling water delights one’s eyes. The air of the region is so fresh that tourists coming here apply the name of "natural oxygen bar" to it spontaneously.

                      Xinghai Square(星海廣場)

                      Xinghai Square located in the beautiful Xinghai gulf, and thus the name from it. The total area of Xinghai square is 1.1 million square meter. It’s Asia’s largest city square. It is built in 30th June 1997 for commemorating the return of Hongkong, so it’s a commemorative project.
                      As typical incity coastal park, it’s composed of an 800-meter-long bow-shaped bathing beach and a 150,000 m2 land garden. Lawns, trees, flowers, xysts and fountains, all make up the park’s appeal to Dalianers and visitors alike, offering them an ideal place to bath, swim, stroll, dive, camp, boat, fish or barbecue.


                      • Admission Fee: Free
                      • Bus Route: Bus No.23, 16, 406, 711, 28, 801

                      Hotels in Dalian

                      As tourist development grows in Dalian, the hotel industry flourishes more and more. It is very easy to find a hotel in Dalian, ranging from 5 star hotels to youth hostels. Of course, it will be any traveler's first choice to stay in the city center due to the superior geographical location and the convenient transportation.
                      You can book the star rated hotels on the website (it has English version), which has very detailed information

                      Here we provide some information about youth hostel for you

                      Dalian Haiyun International Youth Hostel(大連海韻國際青年旅舍)
                      This Youth Hostel is in an old warship, which is located in Laohutan, so it is very special and near the sea. (See the picture)
                      In the hostel, there are lots of exhibitions about military affairs. (See the picture)
                      Bus Route: Bus No.2 and 524.
                      If you want to know the price or other information you can call 0411-82394400.

                      Local food
                      Dalian is a coastal city, so seafood is the feature of Dalian. There are various local food made of sea food.

                      Salt Fish with Corn Cake (咸魚餅子)

                      Grill Sleeve-fish

                      Hailiangfen (拌海涼粉)

                      Hailiangfen is made of a kind of seaweed which is grown on the reef of seabed. The local people dry the seaweed and then boil it for about 8 hours. And after filtration and cool, hailiangfen is finished.

                      Bean Jellies with Seafood(海鮮燜子)

                      Food Street in Dalian

                      Tianjin Street (天津街)
                      Bus Route: Bus No 414, 506,613, 702, 706, 712

                      Heishijiao Street (黑石礁)
                      Bus Rout: Bus No 23, 28, 202, 406, 523,528,531,801

                      What you can buy in Dalian

                      Dried Seafood

                      Dried sea cucumber (刺參)


                      Shell Carving Craft(貝雕工藝品)