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                      Home Travel in Fujian Yongchun Niumulin Ecological Tourist Zone
                      Yongchun Niumulin Ecological Tourist Zone

                      Niumulin Ecological Tourist Zone

                      Known as eco-tourism area of Niumulin(Niúmǔlín 牛姆林), located in Quanzhou (Qúanzhōu 泉州), Fujian Province Western Yongchun County, 70 km away from the county is a national 4A grade tourism area, the first Nature Reserve in Fujian Province, Fujian Province, ecological education base, popular science education base and a small civic morality demonstration bases, is one of Quanzhou 18 King. Niumulin pregnant named because of the situation if the cattle Farm. Its name just like its outside shape so it was called Huai Bao (Huái Bǎo 懷寶).

                      It was listed as reserve forest in Year 1958, Niumulin National Forest Management and Administrative Station was founded in Year 1964, it is listed as partial primary forest nature reserve in Year 1984, ecological tourist area was planned and constructed in Year 1999.

                      Unique Characteristics Of NiumulinNiumulin Carving Stone
                      As South Asia's unique tropical and subtropical transitional regional advantages, so here shows various shapes of the natural landscape, is the awareness of nature, green park yardsticks. Transitional forest vegetation is the largest Niumulin landscape features: both the South Asian tropical rain forest landscape, but also in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests and majestic.

                      What To See In The Niumulin

                      Unique Species PlantsDifferent Species Plants
                      There are 214 families of vascular plants in the region are more than 1800 kinds of 717, with belle wood, yew, pine and other water-level state protection of plants, 30 kinds of Class II, Class III, 60, among which 100 Green Day, paliurus, maudiae, Dalbergia the province as precious tree species, including forest Zhenshanzhibao (Zhènshānzhībǎo 鎮山之寶) Niumulin--"paliurus" much the province of individual plant and community first; local wild vertebrates are more than 400 kinds of 57 families and 99 of them pythons, pangolins, su ling, large Indian civet, small Indian civet and other 11 kinds of national key protected animals. Another 73 species of wild butterflies, which Teinopalpus aureus is a national-level protection. The region also Biyou ostrich Park, Bear Park, Peacock, Monkey Park Zoo highly ornamental. Celebrities love the ancient quiet this side of the world. Heir to a friend Wing Chun and Chen know when flexible with travel and said Niumulin as "Haitao days the wind." Ancient men of letters were all impressed with this increase, is said Yang Wenguang (Yáng Wénguǎng 楊文廣) horse jump-off also rode passing marks going to stay, said here Niumulin quiet environment fantasy.

                      Useful Functions Of NiumulinLeisurely Swan In The Lake
                      Niumulin is nature reserve, popular science and education base, ecological education base and social practice base for middle school students in Fujian Province; it is the best-reserved and ultimate feature virgin forest colony in south Fujian Area. The Niumulin Forest was named after its shape looking like “a pregnant cow conceiving treasures”. It is a provincial natural reserve possessing unique mountain landscapes. Within the area there are 1,800 species belonging to 214 families, more than 200 species of wild vertebrates belonging to 96 different families and 73 species of wild butterflies. Inside the spot there are the restaurant, the specimen museum for plants and animals, tourist shopping street, the beard garden, the cableway, shooting range and other tourist facilities. It has become the most important ecological tourist area in the South Fujian. More than 100,000 people come here for tourism every year. It is a good example for ecological tourist construction in the coastal areas.

                      Butterfly On The FlowersMany Lovely Animals Are Waiting For You
                      When you visit the park, you can probably see wild animals such as monkeys, civet cats, and others. The Teinopalpus aureus is a first-grade state protection species. Walking on the path where you will feel the fresh air with subtle floral notes, and hearing birds twittering and the murmuring of running water, you can get to Hudiequan Waterfall, which will provide you a cool feeling in the summer.

                      Travel Tips
                      Opening Hour: 08:00-17:00.
                      Location: Xiayang Town,Yongchun Country,Fujian Province.
                      Admission Fee: CNY20.
                      Scenic Area: 1000 hectare.
                      Best Time To GO: All Year Around.

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