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                      Lady White and Xu Xian
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                      ?? Lady White, Xiao Qing and Fa Hai
                      The folk of Lady White and Xu Xian (bái niáng zǐ hé xǔ xiān 白娘子和許仙) is one of the Chinese four greatest folklores. It reflects people’s recognition of love. The story goes like this: Taking the shapes of two women, White Snake (bái shé 白蛇), Bai Suzhen (bái sù zhēn 白素貞), and Green Snake (qīng shé 青蛇), Xiao Qing (xiǎo qīng 小青), toured on the West Lake (xī hú 西湖). A sudden heavy rain came at that time it sent everyone scurrying for shelter. When Bai Suzheng and Xiao Qing found their way, a young man holding up an umbrella protected them from the rain. The young man looked very handsome and gentle he was a local young scholar. Both Bai Suzheng and the young man flushed crimson with embarrassment when their eyes met together. They began to fall in love at that time. Seeing this, the clever Xiaoqing asked: "Thank you for your umbrella Sir, Could you tell us your name?"The young man replied: "My name is Xu Xian and I live in nearby the Broken Bridge (duàn qiáo 斷橋)." Then Bai Suzheng and Xiaoqin introduced themselves to the young man.

                      Lady White and Xu XianFrom that day, the three people often met together, Bai Suzheng and Xu Xian were getting along better and better, they soon married and set up business for running a drug store. The white snake was full of sympathy. The poor people were cost-free when they were cured of a disease in the drug store, therefore, their business get brisk day by day. And more and more patients went to see the white snake. Since she had a kind heart and often dressed in white the snake was called Lady White.

                      Lady White and Xu XianOn a Dragon Boat Festival (duān wǔ jié 端午節), Xu offered an herb drink to White Snake. Resisting the effect of the herb in vain, White Snake turned back to a snake, which shocked Xu to death. To resurrect Xu, White Snake stole a magic herb from the Magic Mountain. With this herb, she brought Xu back to life.

                      Xu then went to the Jinshan Temple (jīn shān sì 金山寺) to thank god. There the monk Fa Hai (fǎ hǎi 法海) told him that the snake he saw on the Dragon Boat Festival was actually his wife. The frightened Xu was persuaded to stay in the temple. White Snake went to beg Fa Hai to return her husband to her but Fa showed no mercy on her. Desperately, White Snake fought with Fa Hai and summoned up a surging flood to Jianshan Temple. Unfortunately, she lost the battle due to the pregnancy.

                      After White Snake had given birth to a baby boy, Fa Hai arrived to capture her and put her under a pagoda. White Snake remained there until her son grew up, passed the official examination with high honors, and returned to beg for her release. Xiaoqing defeated the Monk Fahai and forced him to retreat into the stomach of a crab and helped Lady White out of the bottom of Leifeng Pagoda. From then on, Lady White was reunited with Xu Xian.


                      Lady White and Xiao Qing ????? 傳說,有一條白蛇修煉了一千年,終于修成人形,化為美麗端莊的白娘子,另一條青蛇修煉了五百年,也化為富有青春活力的小青姑娘。她們二人結伴來到西湖游玩,當她們來到斷橋時,白娘子在人群中看見一位清秀的白面書生,心中暗生情意。小青便悄悄地作法,降下大雨。白面書生許仙打著傘來到湖邊乘船,正好看見白娘子和小青被大雨淋得很狼狽,許仙忙把自己的傘遞過去讓她們避雨,自己卻躲得很遠,任憑雨淋。白娘子看見許仙這樣老實靦腆,心里更喜歡了,許仙也對美麗的白娘子產生了愛慕之情。在小青的撮合下,許仙和白娘子成了親,并且在西湖邊上開了一家藥店,治病救人,鄉親們都很喜歡他們。

                      ????? 但是金山寺的法師法海卻認為白娘子是妖精,會禍害民間。他悄悄地告訴許仙,白娘子是白蛇化身而成,還教許仙怎樣識別白蛇。許仙將信將疑。轉眼端午節到了,老百姓都喝雄黃酒避邪,許仙按照法海教的辦法,逼迫白娘子喝雄黃酒。白娘子這時候已經懷孕,她推卻不了許仙,喝了酒后,馬上現出蛇的原形,許仙立刻被嚇死了。白娘子為了救活許仙,不顧自己懷孕,千里迢迢來到昆侖圣山偷盜起死回生的靈芝草。白娘子與守護靈芝草的護衛拼命惡戰,護衛被白娘子感動了,將靈芝贈給她。許仙被救活以后,知道白娘子真心愛自己,夫妻更加恩愛。

                      ????? 可是法海還是容不下白蛇在人間生活。他將許仙騙進金山寺,強迫他出家為僧。白娘子和小青非常憤怒,率領水族士兵攻打金山寺,想救出許仙。她們不斷作法,引發洪水,金山寺被洪水包圍,這就是傳說中很有名的“水漫金山”。法海也大顯法力,白娘子因為臨產,打不過法海,只得在小青的保護下逃跑。

                      ????? 多年后,小青修煉得道,重回西湖,她打敗了法海,將西湖水吸干,將雷峰塔掀倒,終于救出了白娘子。


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