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                      Home Shopping & Leisure Pet Market in Guangzhou 廣州花鳥魚市場
                      Pet Market in Guangzhou 廣州花鳥魚市場
                      Shopping & Leisure

                      Huadi Pet Market
                      Enjoying the fame of "shopping paradise", Guangzhou is the most important Commodity distribution center in south China. Take advantage of famous Guangzhou specialty streets.Today,i will show you around Guangzhou Pet Market.
                      Fangcun Pet Market 芳村花鳥魚市場

                      Fangcun Pet Market is the world's largest aquarium, ornamental market sales center, national garden engineering company, the most concentrated in south China, the biggest ornamental bird wholesale center of guangdong province, the biggest woodcarving, root market.

                      fishIt?is the right place to go if you need to give your rather drab apartment the natural look and fit it out with the potted ferns and the potted flowers. Everything comes in pots so it is a bit of a hassel getting it home on the Subway, so don't go overboard with the pennies as most things are reasonable cheap. Also when the lovely little puppies are looking rather cutely at you just remember you have to register dogs so if your neighbors complain that rather cheap excursion to Fangcun could get very expensive, but I have never actually heard of anybody getting a license. Also be warned most dogs are not the standard Peking Dog and after a few months your lovely little puppy might turn into a large guard dog. This place is easy to find and easy to get to just go to the last stop on the Subway, the other end from Tianhu and it is right there. At the moment with summer nearly in full force, if you want the place to yourself you can go there at lunchtime, but I recommend the morning or the evening.

                      Dogcute dog

                      Add: Exit C or D, Huadiwan subway station (花地灣地鐵站), Fangcun, Guangzhou.
                      Hot line: 020-81529230

                      Littel MouseHuacheng Flower Market 花城花卉市場
                      Bus: Take No.14, 29, 64, 87, 88, 250, 5, 104, 101, 124, 180, 191, 203, 204, 244 arrive at Jiefang middle road (解放中路)

                      Huangsha Pet Market 黃沙花鳥魚蟲市場
                      Bus: Take No. 3, 9, 19, 52, 55, 66, 71, 74, 123, 176, 236,?250,260,270 arrive at Ruyifang (如意坊)


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