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                      Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
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                      SWUFE (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)is one of the premier universities of finance and economics in China. It is directly under the Ministry of Education and also one of the top 100 universities in the nation’s 211 Project, a national initiative to build 100 first-class universities in the 21st century. 

                      The University was created as Sichuan Institute of Finance and Economics in 1952, when the colleges and departments of business and economics from 17 universities were restructured. In 1980, People’s Bank of China ( PBC ), China’s central bank took over the governance of the University and renamed it SWUFE in 1985. PBC governed the University till February 2000, when the governance was transferred to the Ministry of Education. The University boasts a strong faculty of scholarly excellence and professional dedication. Added to this is the classic campus setting, situated in Chengdu, a beautiful city of fine culture and long history plus being in the vicinity of Du Fu Thatched Cottage, residence of a prominent poet in Tang Dynasty. 

                      More than half century of development, especially the intensified efforts since 1995 within the 211 Project frameworks, has greatly enhanced the University’s administrative and academic resources. We offer 28 doctoral, 43 master and 29 bachelor’s degree programs in and among 19 University’s departments and schools. These programs are distributed over the areas of business, industry, economics, liberal arts, and law that feature a coordinated pattern with financial programs as core and economics and management programs as mainstream. The University has 3 mobile post-doctoral stations including theoretical economics, applied economics and business administration; 2 key disciplines registered at the ministerial level, i.e., financial studies and political economics; and 12 key disciplines at the provincial level. In addition, the University is home to 3 teaching/research centers ratified by the Ministry of Education, i.e., National Center for Economics Teaching, National Center for Liberal Arts and Humanities Education of University Students, and SWUFE China Finance Research Center. The University is the first institution authorized to train MBA and CPA in southwestern China. SWUFE sponsors over 30 interdisciplinary and specialized research and teaching centers and enters into partnership with foreign education and business organizations, among them the Center for PBC Simulated Banking Labs, Center for Business Foreign Languages Training ( BFT) and China Actuary Training Center.

                      Members of teaching/research, library, administration, and supportive faculties number more than 1300, among who over 900 work in teaching/research 130 professors, over 230 associate professors, and 62 doctor supervisors. The University is proud to have Liu Shibai, Zeng Kanglin, He Zerong, Zhao Guoliang, Jiang Mingxin and many other nation-wide renowned economists and management experts on its faculty. Moreover, more than 100 prominent economists, bankers, and senior corporate executives are invited to serve as professors emeritus.

                      The University’s total full-time student population of nearly 14,000 includes about 11,400 undergraduate, over 2,100 master level postgraduate students, over 400 PH.D. candidates, and some 40,000 various degree program students. 50 years since its foundation, the University has turned out over 110,000 graduates, many of whom hold important positions in every kind of organization, from major financial institutions, companies to government agencies.



                      What makes our Chinese training program so distinguishing from others? The following features might be the answer:

                       * Top teaching quality:
                      certified teachers with great experience in this field.

                      * Advanced facilities:
                      well-equipped classrooms ensure your study environment.

                      * Small-class teaching:
                      less than 15 students, and usually around 10, in a class.

                      * Free 1-on-1 tutor:
                      one selected tutor for one student, free of charge.

                      * Various selective courses:
                      economy lectures, Chinese cultural classes (martial arts, shadow boxing, calligraphy, etc), field trips, and a lot more.

                      * Personal service:
                      from free airport pick-up to “all-the-way” visa assistance, care on every student.

                      * Joyful campus life:
                      colorful arts/sports activities including evening shows, performances, annual sports tournament, many community programs, etc.

                      * Wonderful city:
                      gorgeous sceneries, high-quality life with a low living cost, historical city preserved with traditional culture.


                      * Postal address (International Affairs):
                      College of International Education
                      Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
                      No. 55 Guanghuacun Street
                      Chengdu 610074, China

                      * Tel. and Fax:
                      (86) 28-87355437 (Working language: Chinese/English)

                      * E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Web:

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