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              About us
     is a cyber-platform providing information and offering help for foreigners who are working, studying, and living in China and also for those who are willing to come to China. The site provides visitors with unique content channels on China News, Business, Job recruitment, Education and trainings, Entertainment, Chinese study, Friends making, Real estate service and Tourist information. Making the portal one of the Internet's most popular destinations for people interested in China.

              Channel description:

              1. Living in China: Here you can share others with your unique experiences in China, find helpful information involving all aspects of life in China, getting all-round direction of clothing, food, housing and transportation. You don’t need to search among all information-loaded websites, just come to “Living in China” and get what you are looking for. We are ready to offer our help and fix all your troubles. This column includes six sections, accordingly News&Events, Foreigners in China, Travel in China, China Living Tips, Legal Information, China Links.
              ① News & Events: Here you can find breaking news and events which will affect your life in China. This section involve policy adjustment, biz and trade, culture and education, healthy life, sports and entertainment as well as special report.
              ② Foreigners in China: A place for users to share your stories, feelings and life in China. In the eyes of yours, we see a different China. Cheers or tears, happiness or harshness, since it is yours, it is unique. Life itself is a travel, so enjoy your “travel” in China. We are waiting for you and your stories!
              ③ “Travel in China” is your research engine of travel information in China. Scenic spots, tourist information, accommodation, transportation, food and drinks, travel tips and itinerary guide…just have a try and get what you want. Heavy travel lovers are strongly encouraged to present your travelogues and travel tips to people in need.
              ④ China Living Tips: Are you worrying about how to adopt a pet? Are you desperate to search for information on how to get a driving license in China? “China Living Tips” will smooth all your difficulties and troubles. You may find that some similar questions had been asked and helpful solutions had been given by others. Additionally, we provide further solutions to various problems you might come across in future.
              ⑤ “Legal Information” offers you introductions to Chinese laws, regulations and policies.
              ⑥ “China Links”: Perhaps you are in need of more information about life in China, thus we categorize and sort out hundreds of other helpful website links, adding more convenience to your lives in China.

              2. Classifieds
              In this section, all information is carefully classified according to different cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. All regional information is further categorized into Events & Activities, Employment, Real Estate for the sake of user’s convenience.
              ① Colorful activities
              It provides a variety of information on events, such as Chinese Salon and sightseeing organized by FCN as well as the activities organized by other individuals or organizations, hopefully to enrich lives of foreigners in China in their spare time. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to publish your activity notices here
              ② Job Recruitment
              For the foreign friends living in China, do you want to find a proper full-time or part-time job? For the companies engaging in international business or schools of language training, do you want to hire a native speaker? Take a look at this channel to grasp the opportunity belongs to you.
              Jobs Available: It is designed to provide the employment information mainly oriented to foreigners. Companies, educational organizations, as well as personal users in China are welcome to post your ads here.
              Job Wanted: This category provides a platform for the foreign friends to post your Job-hunting ads.
              ③ Real Estate
              Are you rushing to rent an ideal apartment? Do you want to seek a friendly home accommodation? Are you anxious about looking for an appropriate tenant? Take a look at this channel!
              Homestay: This part provides information of home accommodation service. If you can provide home accommodation service or if you are looking for home accommodation service, please both post your ads here.
              House for rent: Here provides the information of apartments for rent, which may help the foreign friends to find an ideal apartment. If you have apartments available for rent, please don’t hesitate to post your ads here.
              Seeking Apartment: A platform for the foreign friends to post apartment-seeking ads.
              House Sale/Wanted: This part provides the information of commercial real estate mainly oriented to the foreigners. Company and individual users are welcome to post your ads here.
              ④ Travel Services
              Tour Guides: This category provides an information exchange platform for tour guide service (supply & demand). Users are encouraged to post your ads here.
              Travel Agencies: This category provides the information of travel agencies in China and their itineraries. Travel Agency users are encouraged to publish your ads here.
              Other Travel Services: This category provides travel-relating information, such as the accommodation, transportation, food, travel tips etc. Both the individual and Travel Agency users are encouraged to publish your own information here.
              ⑤ Services: This channel is designed to provide the classified information indispensable to foreigners living in China. Our partners can publish advertisements of your products and service here, and the individual users can also publish your personal products, service information here, letting all the people know what you want and what kind of products, service or help you can offer.

              3. Yellow Page
              This column involves listing of business-related organizations, institutes and enterprises in all fields in China, like arts and culture, food and drinks, health protection, moving service, supermarkets, travel agencies, etc. You are allowed to publish information of your companies and can find information of products and services you are looking for easily.

              4. Community:
              This column is an information exchange platform for seeking friends and language partners. Both foreigners and Chinese can find your ideal friends and language partners by publishing your profiles here.

              5. Learn Chinese
              Are you bored with just learning one-after-another Chinese characters that may never be used? If so, you’ll find this column of great utility! Here you can find interesting Chinese idioms, fables and proverb stories; learn Chinese traditional culture and literature; learn practical Chinese that makes you pronunciation accurate; listen to sweet Chinese songs and share each other’s learning experience. You may improve your Chinese in an easy but fantastic way!

              6. HSK
              This column is designed to provide information pertaining to the HSK exams, including HSK News, About HSK, HSK Study Materials, HSK FAQ and HSK Experience etc. We hope that foreign students may benefit from this channel, mastering all information about HSK and doing well in the HSK exam.

              Contact Us:

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              1. 生活在中國:在這個欄目中,您能與外國朋友互相分享在中國的趣聞樂事、查找到涉及中國生活各方各面的信息資訊,獲取有關衣、食、住、行的全方面指導。您不必再在信息紛雜的網站中搜索,請到“生活在中國”,讓我們幫您解答您遇到的麻煩事。本欄目下設6個板塊,分別是新聞要點、外國人在中國、中國游、生活點睛、法律常識、相關鏈接。
              ② 外國人在中國:
              ③ 中國游:
              ④ 中國生活小百科:
              ⑤ 中國法律常識:
              ⑥ 中國網站推介:

              ① 多彩活動
              ② 招聘求職
              ③ 地產信息
              ④ 旅游服務
              ⑤ 其他服務信息


              4. 站內交友社區

              5. 漢語學習

              6. HSK
              提供有關漢語水平考試(HSK)的動態新聞、復習材料、常見問答以及考試經驗介紹等。我們希望該欄目可以幫助外國學生全面掌握HSK相關信息,在HSK 考試中取得好成績。


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